Miniblog #1 - Time to explain some Facebook rants...

Alright - I'm going to start a mini-blog series that explains some of my audition rant Facebook posts. I know that these posts have given you all some laughs and some anxiety. So let's start with one that is just a basic "how-to":


When you’re giving me the tempo of your audition cut... The space between the phrases, when you aren’t singing lyrics, is actually more important to me then what comes before or after. Don’t just ease through the silence in a phrase, it’s part of the song.

A beat of silence = a beat of sound.
— Aaron Jodoin, Facebook post, June 5, 2017, 5:28PM

This one is pretty straight forward. A lot of you that walk into the audition room are very good and efficient at explaining your audition to me. This mostly stems from your music being set up properly, with proper markings. But there are some of you, and I won't mention names, who SUCK at this portion of your audition. If you want to make sure your music has all the information needed please visit the Audition Prep portion of this website.

There aren't many things in the casting process that you can have complete control over. But one of them is your interaction with the person behind the piano. Namely, for this circumstance and blog post convenience, me.

"How fast are you going?"

While this is a favorite question of mine to ask is really an imprecise question, the real question should be:

"How should I, musically, feel this song while playing it for you, what is the groove, how do I support you best musically?"

That is a more precise question, but for expediency I ask the former. That being said, when giving me the tempo in which you want to sing the song, don't sing me the portion of the song where you do the most back-phrasing (also known as - not singing in time). Sing me the hook of the song, sing me the part of the song that locks into a solid groove and you can show me with your body. If the song has several different tempos (this will be covered at a later date) then be precise in showing me the feel for each of these sections.

To circle this back to the Facebook rant, when singing me that portion of the song, or any portion of the song... DO NOT SKIP OVER THE RESTS. These, for me, are the most important part of me knowing that I've locked in with your tempo. This is how my head works when you are establishing your tempo...

  • Oh God I love/hate this song
  • Let's hear some of this great/awful song
  • The phrase is ending, here come some rests in the music, sweet
  • Counting silently "1-2-3...."
  • Great they started singing again right when I was done with the rest, this is perfect/What the hell! Why did they start singing 3 beats before I was done counting the rests?! This is going to be a shit-show, oh well, be better at giving me your tempo.
  • Here we go.

If you skip over that silence in your music because you are rushed and think you're taking up too much time, I don't get the information I need and it'll take me a good phrase to really lock in with you.

As a wise man once told me:

A beat of silence is equal to a beat of sound.
— Dr. Thomas Albert, Shenandoah University, sometime in the early aughts