So here we go... Almost... Launching soon!!


Blogs... Are those still a thing? Not that I ever had one, actually I think I may have had one. I can't even remember. Oh well, I'm getting sidetracked. What was I saying...

Oh yes, this is the official Save My blog. Hopefully it will become a nice place to come find some humorous musings about the audition world from an audition pianist and learn some things through my sarcastic sense of observation. After all, there are only so many times you can make me turn a page in a 2 page cut - let me repeat that - TURN A PAGE -- IN A TWO PAGE CUT! - without me getting a little annoyed at you.


But that's why we are here! Save My is being built to help you with all of those audition needs. It's focused heavily on music right now. I'm an audition pianist. That's what I know best. I've been an audition pianist for a lot of years. I played my first set of auditions at 16, I'm now much older than that. I tried to do the math on how many auditions I've played and I realized I couldn't even try to figure out how many times I've played an audition cut. But I would guesstimate that a rough estimate would be tens of thousands of auditions. That's probably conservative. What I'm say is - I've played a lot of auditions.

I've been in the room a lot. I've been handed a cocktail napkin with some lyrics and chords scribbled out as "sheet music". I've been handed a lyric sheet with NO chords as "sheet music". I've been handed a vocal book with just the melody and no piano music or chords. I've been handed shattered iPads as "sheet music." I've also seen sexts on those iPads while playing your audition. I've had pages missing in your cut and just played the rest of the song without you missing a beat. I've also messed up your audition. I apologize for that, after a full day of 16 bar cuts, you're bound to completely mess one up. I once played "Natural Woman" in four. That's hard to do, I couldn't shift to the proper feel, I was stuck.

I'm wandering now. So - this blog will be a place for some humorous helpful hints and more appropriately thought out tips and advise. Maybe we'll have some guests come by and write a blog and give us some insight on the whole audition thing.

-Aaron Jodoin

Today's great place that gets me through the day in midtown..


 Margon Cuban Restaurant
136 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Hands down the best Cuban Sandwich you can find in the city.

Do it.

With everything.

You will not be disappointed.

Until then, every audition counts.