Classes are open for enrollment!


January Classes are Open for Enrollment!

Save My Audition is humbled by the lineup of classes that are official open for enrollment now. Please visit our classes page to sign up for classes.

Classes being offered.

We have several different varieties of classes being offered, let's talk through them a little:


Prep My Audition is our standard audition workshop/intensive class. January features classes being taught by Ben Cohn and Dominick Amendum, both amazing and always working music directors. We also have classes being taught by Rachel Hoffman, Lindsay Levine, Jason Styres and Merri Sugarman, these folks are some of the best casting directors in the city, casting the shows that have shaped music theatre for the past decade plus. This series of classes will help you break down your audition and improve your confidence and performance in the room. Maybe even help you find some new songs.


The one and only Sheri Sanders has hopped onboard our January offerings with what she does best. Working on your with your Rock Audition. There isn't anyone better in the city to help you find your inner rock star and bring it into the room. The rock audition is becoming more and more a staple of the industry. It's not going anywhere, have Sheri help you find your best rock star!


Stephen Sposito to the rescue! Stephen is teaching a class with all the insight and first-hand knowledge of how to audition for WICKED one could ever imagine. This class is a two-parter. The first day of class will be a general audition for WICKED. You'll work with Stephen on your audition and he'll help you improve and tweak what you present. The second day of class you will present material that Stephen has picked for you as a callback for WICKED. Don't miss this one!


This class is specifically why I started this website. Michael Hicks is a dear friend who has played auditions for a long time and is a remarkably gifted teacher and communicator. He'll help you break down your interaction with the pianist and learn what really happens behind the piano at your audition. He will help you demystify the audition pianist and teach you what really happens behind the piano and how to use it to your advantage. We want to be your best friend and we want you to book the gig. Find out what we do to help you do that and how you can help us help you.


Here we go, kids. This is the class. This class can help you save boat loads of money. This is a class being offered by Amy Marie Stewart of TheoryWorks. As a professional in the world of music theatre there is no excuse not to know how to read music. This is the class that can help you turn from musically illiterate to musically literate. Fun story time: Just the other day I was playing auditions for a big regional theatre in the area being cast by a big NYC casting house. The star of the show (I can't say who because the news hasn't been made public yet) was in the room to help cast his female counterpart. He's a pretty big name and a hell of a musician. He has written a song for the show. He showed up with a new song and worked with the ladies auditioning them on the song. They weren't given advanced warning of a new song being thrown at them. As I watched these remarkably gifted and talented ladies work with nameless star it was amazing to see some of them have a clear advantage over others. The ones that had an understanding of music theory and how to read music had a much better and more successful audition. This is a super rare circumstance and doesn't happen ofter. But getting sides the night before your callback isn't rare and will happen a lot. Learn to plunk out your own melody and save yourself a lot of stress and a lot of money. TheoryWorks is your way to music literacy. Also visit their website and sign up for their online course offerings.


Free class alert! I've recruited Michael Hicks and Sharon Kenny to join me in a room and sit down with anyone that wants to join (space limited) and answer any questions that you may have. The three of us have a lot of experience playing auditions in the city and a lot of knowledge you are going to want to find out about. Plus we have some hilarious stories, both good and bad.

Class dates:

January 4th - Prep My Audition with Dominick Amendum
January 5th and 9th - What's My Audition with Stephen Sposito
January 10th - Play My Audition with Michael Hicks
January 11th - Prep My Audition with Ben Cohn
January 15th - Prep My Audition with Lindsay Levine
January 16th - Learn My Audition with Amy Marie Stewart from TheoryWorks
January 17th - Ask an Audition Pianist with Michael Hicks, Aaron Jodoin and Sharon Kenny
January 22nd - Rock My Audition with Sheri Sanders
January 24th - Prep My Audition with Jason Styres
January 25th - Prep My Audition with Rachel Hoffman
January 29th - Prep My Audition with Lindsay Levine
January 30th - Learn My Audition with Amy Marie Stewart from TheoryWorks
January 31st - Prep My Audition with Merri Sugarman

What are you waiting for?

Visit the classes page and take some classes! This is just the beginning. There are a lot of things in the works going forward. February classes will be announced mid-January, so be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to get advanced access to classes and free offerings.

Holiday's are here!

The city is expensive and affording classes can be tough, ask your parents and loved ones for a Gift Card for Christmas to help you pay for classes through Save My!

Don't forget, every audition counts!

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