February and March Classes


February and March classes are here!

We have another lineup of amazing and incredible classes and teachers ready for you! I'll be back into the Audition Book blog series on Friday, then back on my regular schedule come Monday. But now...

Holy sh*t!

We couldn't be more excited to announce our first WHO'S MY MUSIC DIRECTOR set of classes


Ben Cohn (Dear Evan Hansen), Ian Eisendrath (Come From Away), Brian Usifer (Frozen, The Book of Mormon) and Ian Weinberger (Hamilton) are the 4 instructors for this 4 class - 2 week course. You will not find a better offering of music people all together anywhere (not a verified fact - but if you do, let me know). These guys are incredible, and young, and only at the beginning of their careers. Come learn from them. Get to know them. You will be seeing there names all over Broadway for the next generation.

Class spans March 12th - March 21st. Check it out on the classes page.
$349 for the entire series or secure your spot with a $99 deposit and we'll set up a payment plan.

What's My Audition? - Wicked

Stephen Sposito, long time Associate Director of WICKED, presents this 2 day audition/callback series focused on a general audition for WICKED followed by one on one work on WICKED callback material. You'll audition for Stephen then receive callback material to prepare for your second class.

Class is scheduled for February 1st and 4th. Check it out on the classes page.

Prep My Audition

Jason Styres - The amazing, and amazingly bearded, Jason Styres holds an audition workshop. Jason works all over the country and in all sorts of facets, don't miss him!

Class is scheduled for February 22nd.

Merri Sugarman - Merri is back!! I really can't say enough good things about Merri. She is hands down one of the best. End of story. Take her class. Don't miss it. Don't be foolish.

Class is scheduled for March 7th.

Kevin Metzger-Timson - I've known Kevin since he was a student at NYU studying at CAP21. I couldn't think of a better person to make the switch into casting. Intelligent, funny, insightful, dashing, Kevin is one of the young up and comers of the industry.

Class is scheduled for March 8th. Check it out on the classes page.

Free classes

We're bringing back ASK AN AUDITION PIANIST - it was a great success this month and can't wait to bring in even more friends and have another great conversation with you all about what it is we do and how knowing what we do can help your audition.

Class is scheduled for March 13th and it's FREE! Totally free!

Steve Bebout (Associate Director - The Book of Mormon) will be having a free audition workshop in February. Details are being worked out currently. As soon as it is set I'll let the Newsletter subscribers know and get first chance to snag up slots. If you aren't part of the Newsletter you probably won't have a chance to take this class, so sign up for the Newsletter!

Audition Rep Matchmaker will be holding a free class in February as well. Details to come, again, if you aren't signed up for the Newsletter... see above.

One final thing-

Sheri Sanders and I are working on having a special RENT focused class before a set of RENT auditions happening in March. So once you see that audition notice posted come find out when she'll be doing her thing and really lock it in for your RENT audition for Kevin Metzger-Timson, who just happens to be teaching in March. See what I'm doing here? I'm trying to be timely and helpful to you. Use it to your advantage! Take Kevin's class and Sheri's prep class! Non-Equity only.

What are you waiting for?

Visit the classes page and sign up! Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to learn about the free classes as soon as they are announced.

It's 2018 time to start getting your sh*t together and stop blowing it!

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