Don't Stand in Front of Me!

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I know I owe you a good blog post, it’s been one of those months, lots of work, figuring out how to best make classes work for the website, a small human being in my charge turning 3... A busy month.

But here is a quick, down and dirty blog post (I swear we’ll get back into audition book land soon, I’m hoping over the weekend).

Now for the rant...

Don’t stand in front of the pianist during a dance call.

This one should be a no brainer. I need to see the people in the front of the room that want to get you a job, and they need to see me. That’s hard when you plant yourself directly in front of the piano.

I'm not saying to not stand in front of me while you are learning the dance. I'm saying once you are dancing in small groups for the choreographer, casting director, director, producers... Whoever is in front of the room.... DON'T STAND BETWEEN MYSELF AND THE CHOREOGRAPHER!

In a normal callback or audition I don’t get up after playing your song and stand in front of you when you are doing your sides or a monologue. You’re still working. Why would I get in your way? So don't get in mine... Plus there are only so many sweaty heads I can stare at in a 24 hour period.

It’s rude, and it shows that you don’t have any idea of your relationship to the space and the people in the room. Give me my line of sight, please. I know it can get packed in a dance call. I don’t really need that much room, just line of sight to the choreographer/casting director/whomever is running the call.

Why do I need to see them you ask? Let me tell you. I need to know when I have to start playing. Not every dance combo starts with a “5,6,7,8!” sometimes all I get is a nod and I start an introduction, or I do the count off. If I’m ducking and weaving to see up front… That’s a pain in the ass. I have to make sure that the last group has cleared the floor, the new group has taken their places, whomever is looking at the headshots is ready to go and I get my cue... Let me see what's happening in front of me.

So just be a real person, don’t stand in front of people that are working, don’t block my line of sight.

February and March classes have been announced, make sure you check them out.

Get your sh*t together. Stop blowing it!

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