AUDITION PEEVES #4 - You’re making me turn the page backwards?


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We’ll continue the regular Blog series this coming Monday. Easter/Taxes ate up my time the past couple weeks. But we’ll be back to talking about Contemporary Music Theatre shortly!

Now, onto the rant…

This is an easy one. 

Don’t make your pianist turn the page backwards. 

If your cut involves a first and second ending (or more) or following the “sign” back to the beginning of a song then jumping to a coda... Make copies of the pages you are repeating and set up your cut so that it can be clearly read from the beginning to the end with no backwards page turns. 

This problem is only exacerbated when after turning backwards you then make the pianist turn more than 1 page to get to the coda. 

Here’s the deal, we are processing A LOT of information behind the piano for each audition. You may point out exactly what your cut does logistically, but once we start playing we forget and then we are frantically turning pages and trying to remember where we are suppose to jump to to keep supporting you. 

Help us support you by supporting us. 

This is why I created this site, if you have cuts that jump around, shoot me a message and we can clean them up. Your audition pianist will love you. Plus, it makes it look like you care.

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