AUDITION PEEVES #3 - Don't Make it Hard to Turn the Page


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This one is easy and something I guarantee you’ve never thought about.

As you get toward the end of your book it gets harder and harder for the pianist to turn the pages quickly and efficiently. Especially the last page. If you have your music in plastic sheet protectors, they can tend to stick to the binder making it super difficult to turn that last page. Also, as you get toward the end of your book the lip created by the rest of your music gets smaller and smaller.

If you want to sing the last song in your book, just move it forward a little bit, it’s super helpful.

Now if you are asked to sing something else from your book and you pick the last song you have, for whatever reason, you don’t need to take the time to move it, we’ll survive. But don't walk in the room and sing the last song. It’s a little thing but absolutely shows that you care and that you’ve thought about the job we have to do behind the piano!

See you next week!

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