AUDITION PEEVES #2 - If You Sing a Song You Wrote


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This week we jump a little into giving the wrong feel for your song. If there’s a better way to SABOTAGE your own audition… I don’t know what it is.

First off, this is what was posted on Instagram and Twitter:


Let me first say that I LOVE when people walk into the room and sing a song that they wrote. Honestly, I love it. It’s not easy to put yourself out there in that way and I have respect for anyone that is willing to do it.

With that being said… Writing songs is hard. Writing good songs is even harder. Writing good songs that make sense and work in an audition room is even harder than that.

I’ve heard countless original songs in the room, including some incredibly creative stuff, but sometimes a song walks in that’s a clunker. I’m not trying to judge the work and time people put into writing a new song. But what I will say is, please, for your sake, when you sing a song that you wrote make sure it’s a song that is appropriate to the audition you are walking in to. It’s hard to hear new songs in the room. We can easily get distracted trying to figure out what the song is about and we stop paying attention to you as a performer. It’s a delicate balance.


Continue to write new songs, continue to perform them, but know that the audition room isn’t always the best place for your songs.

Also, I fixed that horrifying punctuation error from my original Instagram and Twitter posts, though I’m leaving those original posts up. But a special thanks to my mother:

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