AUDITION PEEVES #6 - It's not a trick question.


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Okay… This is an easy one.

When someone behind the table asks you a question, it’s a legit question.

Let’s say you’ve just finished your audition song and someone says to you…

“Sing something else.”

You are absolutely in the right to ask for some guidance, but if they respond by saying “Whatever you want.” It isn’t a trick response. Don’t try to dig further into their head and figure out what they want. Truth is, they probably don’t know what they want. They may not even be asking you to sing something for the show you are auditioning for but for another show they are working on.

Point is, you just don’t know what they want behind the table, and most of the time neither do they.

So take it as an opportunity to sing something that shows you off really well.

I swear, it’s not a trick question.

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