AUDITION PEEVES #5 - Stop highlighting stuff! Please.


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I’m already falling behind on the Monday blog posts. I’m sorry, I’ll get back to it soon, it’s been super busy the past couple weeks.

But for this week’s Audition Peeves let’s talk about highlighting things in your music.

Let me just say…


Just stop. Please for the love of all things highlighter, STOP!

It’s super distracting. We know, generally speaking for decent audition pianists, how to read music. You don’t need to point out the key changes, or the time signature changes, or the tempo changes, or anything else really. Whomever has told you to highlight things to point them out to your audition pianist is doing you a huge disservice. It makes me think that you don’t trust me to do my job.

But… If there is a section of your song that is continually problematic (have a pianist look it over to make sure it isn’t the music’s fault) you can absolutely point it out to us. But you don’t need to highlight it. Trust me, you don’t.

Does this seem to make the music easier to play?

Redacted for Personal Privacy

Redacted for Personal Privacy


Hint. It doesn’t.




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